Packing and Transporting Music Instruments and Other Items

Furniture Removal: An Essential Guide

It's likely that at some point, everyone faces the task of moving furniture. Whether it's a house move, office relocation, or just replacing old furniture, the process can be daunting. Here's an essential guide to make the task of furniture removal less stressful. Understanding Furniture Removal Furniture removal involves moving furniture from one location to another. It might sound simple, but it's a task that requires careful planning and execution to ensure that both the furniture and the premises remain undamaged. Read More 

Reasons to Hire Furniture Removalists for Moving House

When moving house, it's wise to hire professional furniture removalists to help you complete the relocation. While you may be tempted to try doing the job yourself, this can result in a range of problems. Here are several reasons to stick with using a professional furniture removalist service. Avoid Injuries and Strains Sofas, fridges and washing machines are cumbersome. If you try to carry them yourself with the help of friends or family, someone could suffer a back injury, muscle strain or even a broken toe or foot if an item is accidentally dropped. Read More 

Tips To Make Moving House Manageable

A house move is a new beginning, which is exciting. But the relocation process itself can be a struggle. Here are some tips to make your moving day manageable. Off-peak Times If you have leeway in the time you can move within a month, you could get a cheaper rate if you book the removalist for off-peak times. These are generally midweek and mid-month. Many people move on weekends and at the end of the month. Read More 

Key Occasions When You May Need to Rent a Storage Unit

Finding extra space for everything you need isn't always easy. And in some instances, you may not feel comfortable with leaving everything in your home. Here are some key occasions you may want to rent a storage unit. Going Travelling If you're heading off on a quick holiday, leaving everything in your house is probably safe. However, if you're planning a long trip, you should hire a unit. Hiring a unit ensures you have somewhere safe to keep everything that potential thieves may steal. Read More 

Short Notice Removalists: What You Need to Know

You never know what life will bring you. There seem to always be unexpected events or appointments that pop up. One of those events may be an unexpected move that has to be done quickly. If this happens to you, the first thing you may do is panic. Before you panic and start making calls for removalists, there are a few other things you should do. Consider a Full-Service Option Read More