Key Occasions When You May Need to Rent a Storage Unit

Finding extra space for everything you need isn't always easy. And in some instances, you may not feel comfortable with leaving everything in your home. Here are some key occasions you may want to rent a storage unit.

Going Travelling

If you're heading off on a quick holiday, leaving everything in your house is probably safe. However, if you're planning a long trip, you should hire a unit. Hiring a unit ensures you have somewhere safe to keep everything that potential thieves may steal. Such items include jewellery, cards you don't use often, and expensive electronics. Keeping such items in a secure place prevents opportunistic thieves from getting their hands on them. Career criminals are likely to notice when a house is vacant for a long time. As such, unless you're using a house sitter, it's wise to remove precious items from your home. 

Adverse Weather

Sometimes meteorologists can predict adverse weather events. Such events can include storms and wildfires, which may place items in your home at risk. In the event of an evacuation, you might struggle to take away everything precious to you. If you have items you don't use often but can't stand to lose, place them in a storage unit. Units usually benefit from high-security features, such as access codes and CCTV. As such, they act as an ideal place to keep items safe. Alongside your precious essentials, try storing some items that you can use in an evacuation. For example, sleeping bags and non-perishable food.

Inherited Heirlooms

When someone passes away and you inherit heirlooms, it's sometimes hard to know what to do with them. On a sentimental level, you may not want them in your home while you grieve. Or, if you're planning on selling them, you might want to keep them in a safe space without cluttering your property. Renting a unit gives you somewhere to keep heirlooms while you clear your head. It also allows you to store them while you have them valued or sell them.

Off-season Storage

Many people have sports gear and furniture that they use during specific seasons. For example, patio furniture for when the weather is nice and skis for annual trips. If space in your property is at a premium, you can use a unit to keep those items safe while not in use. When storing expensive equipment, make sure you get the right insurance. Although units are safe places to keep expensive equipment, it's good practice to have insurance just in case.