How Self-Storage Can Help You Sell Your House

Selling a house is a notoriously difficult process and one that can take much longer than you'd hope for. Before you put your home on the market, it's important to do everything you can to maximise your chances of a sale. Once you make that sale, you might be put in a difficult position, depending on where you're moving to and how quickly your new property is available. To make life easier, renting a self-storage unit is incredibly useful when you're preparing your home for the market. Read More 

Three tips for moving house when you have young children

Moving house when you have young children is no easy task. Here are three tips which should help you with this challenging experience. Provide them with snacks and entertainment If your children feel hungry and bored during the moving process, they will be far more likely to throw temper tantrums. Moving house is stressful enough, without having to cope with grumpy, upset children. As such, it's important to put aside some items that will reduce the likelihood of your kids getting cross. Read More 

Two Things You Can Do to Prep Your Garden for the Summer Season

If you have decided to move from your current property to a much smaller one, it might be worth renting a storage unit. Read on to find out why. To make your new home feel as spacious, tidy and organised as possible Trying to neatly stow away all of your possessions in a small house which is simply not equipped to hold a large number of items can be challenging. If you choose to bring the entirety of your current belongings with you to your new, compact home, you may find that it ends up looking very cramped, chaotic and messy, as there won't be enough storage space for all of your things. Read More 

Tips on Selecting the Best Removal Service

Moving is a highly sensitive and stressful time for most people. There is a lot of pressure to get things done the right way and to stick to strict timelines associated with the move. Most people seek furniture removalists to help them plan an easier moving process. Indeed, a removal service can help you pack, transport and unload your items from the old to the new location. They also make transporting heavy/bulky items much easier to do, because they possess the necessary skills and expertise in moving such items. Read More 

Tricks to Increase the Amount of Luggage When Shipping Your Household Goods

Thousands of Australians work in foreign countries, but they often wish to relocate back home at some point. When you make this decision, the first issue that worries you is whether to sell or ferry your household items back home. This process has been made easier because of custom shipping containers that you can hire or purchase to ship back your furniture. One benefit of using these containers is the ability to customize them to suit your needs. Read More