Tips On How To Get The Best Intercity Removals Company

Moving intercity can be a daunting task. Getting the best intercity removals company to work with is not easy. It takes some looking around and careful research. 

When shopping for an intercity removals company, you want one that will take care of your stuff and deliver it in a timely fashion. Removals companies are required by Australian law to be ethical and professional in their conduct. 

If you are looking for a removalist, you want to get one who provides excellent intercity removals services. Here are six tips on how to go about getting the best removalist for your move.

Check out customer reviews online and ask around. Ask friends, relatives and anyone else to recommend good removalists. Also research online and check out customer reviews. Ensure you get the best by checking out quote comparison websites.

Choose a removalist accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Such a removalist has training to meet the highest standards in the industry and will have insurance that non-members may not have. AFRA members range from multinational companies to one-truck removalists. 

Ask questions to be able to accurately determine the cost of the move. Find out if you will be charged a flat rate or per hour. If per hour, find out how the hours will be calculated. Find out if there's a call-out rate and how it will be calculated. Find out if you will be charged more if you need the intercity removals services for longer than expected or if it becomes difficult to access the property. Find out which factors may add to costs, if the work will be subcontracted and to whom it would be subcontracted to. 

Ask the removalist for a written quote. Go through the details honestly and detail everything that is likely to affect the costs of the move. Such factors include the number of boxes that will be needed, the presence of stairs and parking lots at any of the involved locations, distance to the nearest elevator, etc.

Counter check the contract. Ensure the contract contains details such as the date and time of the move, delivery and pickup addresses, inventory of goods being moved and details of insurance in case of damage or loss. 

Get insurance to cover your stuff being damaged while in transit. Even though AFRA-accredited removalists have insurance, it might not cover your goods if they are damaged while in transit. If your goods are going to be stored for some time, take out separate transit and storage insurance to protect your goods.