4 Top Tips for Labelling Your Moving Boxes

Labelling your moving boxes can involve nothing more complicated than writing 'kitchen' or 'pots and pans', but there are some easy tips that you can follow to make the process of moving and unpacking a whole lot easier, and here are just four.

1. Go Colour-Coded

Firstly, you'll want to create a colour-coding scheme. If a group of you are moving to another rented accommodation, you can have a colour for each housemate, or you can colour-code boxes that need to be opened first or that are fragile. The possibilities are endless. Colour-coding is great because you can pick out boxes without having to bend down and read the label. Just a fleeting glance shows you where each one needs to go.

2. Add a Number

Each of your boxes should be numbered, and there are several reasons why. Perhaps most importantly, numbering makes it very easy to keep track of everything. If you pack up 20 boxes, it's easy to lose track of one and find out you suddenly only have 19. When the boxes are numbered, you'll be able to quickly check if anything is missing and then determine exactly what was in that box. Furthermore, adding numbers lets you create an inventory system. Dictate to your phone or note down on one pad exactly what went in the box of each number – it's a lot easier than scribbling all that info on the box itself.

3. Label by Room

You might have noticed the suggestion that you colour-code your boxes by room. Many people forget to label by room at all, which is unfortunate since this can be a real life-saver. When you're moving boxes into your new home, it's much nicer to send everything to its new room right away instead of simply piling it up in the hallway. If you label by room, it will be much easier to distribute boxes around the house.

4. Label on all Sides

Finally, make sure you label on all sides of the box! They are going to be pushed together in the moving truck and then stood against each other in your new home, so some of the sides and even the top can get covered up. You can use some of the tips listed above to make this process easier – it's a lot easier to add numbers on all sides instead of listing the entire contents on each side.

Talk to your moving company for more suggestions.