Keeping Your Collectables Safe during a Move

One of the common complaints people have after a move is damage to their collectables. You may have purchased insurance for your belongings, but family heirlooms and other memorabilia have a sentimental value that is priceless. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that these items are packed appropriately to minimise the risk of damage as much as you can. Start by scheduling a specific day that you will dedicate to packing these unique items so that you can have adequate time to keep them protected. With that said, always ensure that they are transported by professional removalists to guarantee they will be in safe hands. So how do you keep your collectables safe during a move?

Have all your boxes reinforced

The rule of thumb when packing collectables is to ensure that you do not overload your boxes. Too much weight and there will be an increased risk of the bottom of the box collapsing. Nevertheless, you should also take it a step further and ensure that the boxes are reinforced, regardless of whether their load will be heavy. Stick packing tape to the bottom of all boxes that will be carrying collectables. Secondly, use some old shirts and towels to line the boxes that you will be using. The fabric will act as a buffer in case of any high impact. Lastly, indicate clearly that these boxes are fragile so that there is no mistaking that they contain breakables.

Protecting metallic collectables

Metal is a popular material used to curate memorabilia, as it is durable. You may have a vast array of metal collectables to pack such as silverware, brass heirlooms, souvenirs made from tin and more. Do not make the mistake of simply stashing them in your reinforced boxes though. If the metal items are in contact with each other, there is a high chance that friction during the move can cause permanent dents and scratches on their surfaces. Instead, individually wrap your metallic collectables to keep them protected. You should also add some Styrofoam peanuts into the boxes they are packed in to minimise movement during the relocation.

Protecting comics and books

Another oversight some people make is stashing their comics and books in one box, assuming that they will be safe from harm. The truth is, paper can be easily damaged by insects, moisture and other environmental factors. The potential of this damage is particularly high if you do not intend on unpacking these items immediately you move into your new home. To keep your paper collectables safe, invest in plastic sheets that you can wrap snugly around each item.