Tricks to Increase the Amount of Luggage When Shipping Your Household Goods

Thousands of Australians work in foreign countries, but they often wish to relocate back home at some point. When you make this decision, the first issue that worries you is whether to sell or ferry your household items back home. This process has been made easier because of custom shipping containers that you can hire or purchase to ship back your furniture. One benefit of using these containers is the ability to customize them to suit your needs. Many sellers will offer recommendations on how to modify the containers at an additional cost. In this way, the container can also be functional space once you arrive at your destination. There are several tricks that you can use to increase the amount of luggage when shipping your household goods.

Altering the position of entry doors

The custom shipping containers that you will hire or purchase are rectangular in shape. If the container will be used for transporting long materials, then it would be advisable to tell your seller to fix the door at the extreme ends. This move will provide more and convenient room for the goods. It will also make it easier for you or custom officials to get in the container to inspect the goods. This is appropriate when you have wardrobes, beds and sofa sets. Similarly, in other circumstances, the location of the door at the broader sides of the container would be more appropriate.

Flooring and interior finishing

When you order a container, the floor can be made in various ways. However, it should not take excess space in comparison to the luggage ferried. In some instances, the padding of the floor is not necessary when the cargo that you are transporting is not sensitive. The interior finishing should also allow for adequate room. Other fittings such as the electrical lines that are fixed in the containers should also be set reasonably.


Most custom shipping containers can easily be fitted with detachable shelves. You should consider this option when you have sensitive goods like electronics. This is because you can easily secure items that are on the shelves, unlike objects that are randomly placed. Additionally, the shelves can help in ensuring that the available space is not wasted when items are placed on the floor. A narrow space can be left at the middle to cater for movement. Consequently, you get some extra capacity that is useful when you want to bring back home your treasured monuments.

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