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If you have decided to move from your current property to a much smaller one, it might be worth renting a storage unit. Read on to find out why.

To make your new home feel as spacious, tidy and organised as possible

Trying to neatly stow away all of your possessions in a small house which is simply not equipped to hold a large number of items can be challenging. If you choose to bring the entirety of your current belongings with you to your new, compact home, you may find that it ends up looking very cramped, chaotic and messy, as there won't be enough storage space for all of your things.

This can be particularly frustrating if you're quite a tidy person who feels best when living in a neat and organised space. Being faced with the sight of shelves that are overflowing with books and ornaments or countertops that are covered in kitchenware and knick-knacks every single day could send your stress levels sky-high if you are used to having a very organised home.

Renting out one of the storage units at your local storage facility could help to eliminate this issue by providing you with a safe and secure place in which to stow away things that you do not need to use on a daily basis but would still prefer to keep. This will free up space in your new, small-sized property and thus make it easier for you to keep it looking spacious, neat and tidy.

To prevent your valuable belongings from sustaining damage

One of the biggest problems with trying to stuff all of your possessions into a modestly proportioned house that lacks storage space is that some of your more valuable items may end up being damaged or broken.

For example, if you own a collection of crystal figurines which are worth quite a lot of money and you don't have anywhere safe to store them in your new home, you may end up leaving them on a bookshelf or lined up on a windowsill.

In either of these locations, there is a risk that the figurines could end up getting knocked over and shattered (particularly if you have young children, cats or dogs who tend to wander or play around your home on a daily basis).

Conversely, if you choose to store these figurines, as well as things such as artwork, expensive gym equipment or antique furniture in a storage unit before you move house, there will be little to no risk of these valuable goods sustaining damage, as they will be housed inside a secure unit which only you can access.