Three tips for moving house when you have young children

Moving house when you have young children is no easy task. Here are three tips which should help you with this challenging experience.

Provide them with snacks and entertainment

If your children feel hungry and bored during the moving process, they will be far more likely to throw temper tantrums.

Moving house is stressful enough, without having to cope with grumpy, upset children. As such, it's important to put aside some items that will reduce the likelihood of your kids getting cross.

Things like non-perishable snacks (such as juice, crackers, peanut butter, etc) and multiple forms of entertainment (such as books, portable gaming devices and cartoons loaded onto your e-tablet) should help to comfort and distract them whilst you get on with helping your removalists to load up the moving van.

The above-mentioned sources of entertainment will also help to keep them out of harm's way, by reducing the chances of them walking through the house and tripping over boxes, or wandering out through the open front door.

Warn your removals team

It's important to warn your removals team that your children might be roaming around the house throughout the moving process (even if you have done your best to distract them with the aforementioned books and games).

You should instruct them to look out for your children before lifting a piece of furniture or a big box around a sharp corner or down a set of stairs so that they don't accidentally bump into or strike one of your children with the item they are carrying.

Additionally, if you are concerned about the possibility of one of your young children walking out through an open exterior door, you might also want to tell your removalists to make sure that they shut the door each time that they come in or out of the house.

Filling one box with your children's favourite belongings

Just like adults, children can also get very stressed out by the process of moving house. Being surrounded by a sea of boxes, having their normal routines disrupted and watching their belongings get moved out of their bedrooms can be very upsetting.

If you want to minimise the distress your children experience, it's a good idea to pack up some of their favourite items and transport them to the new house in your own vehicle, so that you will be able to easily access them upon arrival.

Some of the things you might want to include in this box are your children's favourite blankets, stuffed toys, storybooks and nightlights. The familiarity of these items should help to soothe your children and make it easier for them to settle into their new home.