Useful Tips and Tricks for Using a Storage Unit

When you find that you have more stuff than space, it's sometimes tempting to purge your worldly goods. While decluttering is a good idea, rushing the process isn't. When you do so, you run the risk of throwing away items you treasure. Instead, rent a storage unit and take a gradual approach to throwing out unnecessary items. To make sure your space is effective, here are some tips to using a storage unit. 

Invest in palettes

Although most storage units make an effort to ensure their facilities are clean, it's still a good idea to raise your items from the floor. A single layer of palettes will ensure your things don't come into contact with hidden dirt and dust. Additionally, if the local area experiences heavy rainfall, they're less likely to get wet.

Make a list of everything you place in there

Whether you're moving house or getting rid of clutter, it's advisable to make a list of all the items you place into storage. Failing to do so means you're heading for a frustrating experience every time you wonder whether an item is in your home or in your unit. With a comprehensive list, you can refer to your inventory before searching through your house for supposedly lost items.

Use wrapping materials that protect your items from humidity

Depending on your local climate, you may need to wrap certain items to protect them against humidity. For example, textiles, records, and antiques are prone to irreparable damage when they encounter humid conditions for too long. In many cases, using airtight materials provides the best levels of protection.

Watch out for unusually cheap units

While it may seem as though renting a cheap unit is a good way to cut costs, you might fall into the trap of buying cheap and paying twice. When a facility does offer low prices, consider factors such as security and accessibility. Will your items remain safe? Who can access the site? Can you get to your unit at any time of day or night? Investing a little more for such conveniences always pays in the long run.

Don't rush, but do maximise your space

Resist the urge to throw items into the unit in a haphazard manner. When you come to access them, you'll appreciate your efforts a lot more if you plan how you'll stack them. Maximising your space carefully also means you can fit more in a smaller space, which then leads to lower storage costs.

With a little care and a well-planned approach to storing your items, you'll make sure your unit works in the way you need it to.