Packing furniture for a house move

One of the most important parts of getting ready to move house is preparing your furniture for the move. Your furniture removalists will handle the difficult task of getting your items safely to your new home, but your preparation can make that job quicker and easier. As you're packing for the move, follow these tips to make sure that your furniture is safely packed. 

Measure first

Before you do anything else to get your furniture ready for moving, take accurate measurements of each item. When you plan your move, you'll need to know where in your new home each piece of furniture will fit, but measuring is going to be difficult once everything is taken apart and packed up. 

Empty it out

Clear out every piece of furniture you intend to move, emptying drawers and shelves. If you're just going to put the same items back when you arrive, pack the contents and label them clearly. This is also a good opportunity to clean your furniture before moving; small pieces of dirt grit can scratch surfaces in transit, so it's important to make sure everything is as clean as possible before you pack it. 

Take it apart

You can simplify the process of moving furniture by disassembling larger pieces. This could be as simple as taking shelves out of a bookcase or removing drawers from a desk, but it could also mean removing the legs from tables or desks or taking standing lamps apart. When you're moving disassembled furniture, you'll need to be careful to keep track of the parts. Keep screws, pegs, and other small parts in sealed plastic bags and label them clearly so that you can put your furniture back together when you arrive. Be sure to keep all the tools you need in your travelling luggage instead of packing them. 

Wrap it securely

Your removals firm might handle this stage of preparations for you; alternatively, they might be able to supply you with the materials you need. To protect your furniture, you'll need bubble wrap or a similar soft packing material. You'll also need packing tape, plastic wrap, and large sheets of corrugated cardboard. Each piece of furniture requires different protection: for instance, a layer of plastic wrap will help prevent upholstered furniture from getting dirty during the move, while wooden surfaces should be protected from scratches with a layer of bubble wrap covered by a cardboard sheet. Pay special attention to vulnerable areas such as corners, handles, and other projecting parts. 

Once you've taken your furniture apart and packed it securely, it's time to relax. Your furniture removalists will take care of the task of getting it quickly and safely to your new home.