Help Your Residential Removalists Work Efficiently With These 3 Organisational Tips

Hiring residential removal services is a great way to make your moving day go quickly and smoothly, but it can also be a stressful time. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to organise your move and help your removalists work effectively.

Plan Your Packing In Advance

If you start packing in good time for your move, you can avoid panic, stress and scrambling to get things finished at the last minute. Everything should be packed by the time the movers arrive, allowing them to get on with their work without having to wait for you. This also means the move will be completed in time, meaning you won't have to pay the movers for extra time. The Spruce has an eight-week plan that guides you through the packing process, explaining that four weeks in advance of the move is the perfect time to start packing items you don't need frequently, such as formal clothing, books and ornaments.

Label Your Boxes Effectively

Labelling your boxes effectively can help your movers to work quickly and efficiently, without mistakes or delays. One good idea is to colour-code each box depending on which room it's going into — for example, every box for the bathroom has a blue sticker — so that your removalists can easily put each box into the right room. You should also clearly label each box with what's inside, as well as labelling any boxes that contain fragile items. A short description, for example, "DVDs" or "bed linens" will do. Some people also like to put a certain sticker on essential boxes which they'll need to unpack right away. You should also make sure that fragile items are carefully wrapped and packed to avoid breakage during the drive and when unpacking.

Create A Plan Of Your New Home

Your movers will never have visited your new home before, and it's helpful if they at least know the basic layout. A floor plan will help them understand which rooms items go into (for example, which room will be your son's, so they know where to put his desk), as well as make their job quicker and easier. If you don't already have a floor plan for your new home, draw one up quickly and give it to your movers. You might also like to label each bedroom with a number so movers can easily match it up to what's written on your boxes. Finally, consider giving your movers a quick tour when you all arrive at your new home, before bringing any boxes inside.

By starting the packing process well in advance of your moving date, labelling your boxes in a clear, consistent way and making sure your removalists understand the layout of your new home, you will be able to clear the way for them to work quickly and efficiently.

Contact a residential removalist service in your area to get more tips.