Top Tips When Renting A Self Storage Unit

Are you looking for a self-storage unit to store winter items, a sports bike, furniture, or home appliances that you no longer use? There is a wide range of considerations to make when choosing a self-storage unit. Below are some of them.

Onsite or Offsite Storage

Onsite storage is a storage unit on your home or a business premises. On the other hand, offsite storage refers to the conventional storage unit located inside a storage facility. Onsite storage allows you to access your items with much greater convenience. The disadvantage of these units is that you will require adequate space to place the unit. Low-lying electrical cables or branches and inaccessibility are challenges when opting for an onsite storage unit. 

Offsite storage units may be a distance away from your home; however, you avoid the hassle of having a storage container on your compound. There are two types of offsite storage units; indoor and outdoor units. Outdoor units are easily accessible since you can park your car inform of the unit. Their downside is that adverse temperatures could damage your items. Go for an indoor unit if you are worried that too much heat or cold could damage your items. 

What Will You Store In The Unit? 

The answers to this question will determine the features of your storage unit. For example, a high-security lock, CCTV, or restricted access systems are a must-have when storing valuable items. On the other hand, you could need a climate-control system if you will store temperature or humidity-sensitive items. Shelves will allow you to store small items that you will regularly need. 

What Size Do You Need? 

Most people will go for a unit that fits their items. However, it would be wise to consider a larger unit. The benefit of large units is that you do not have to worry about adding items to the storage unit. Besides, it becomes easy to access your items. 

Do You Need Extra Services? 

This will help you determine the self-storage company that you will engage with. For example, some storage companies will move items from your premises to the unit. Additionally, they will help you to arrange your unit. If you live in a high-rise building, you could opt for full-service storage. It is an arrangement where the company delivers items from the storage unit to your premises and vice versa. Some self-storage companies will also offer long-term parking for their customers. 

When choosing a storage unit, determine the unit's location, what you intend to store, the unit size, and additional services you could need.