Why Use a Removalist With Valet Services?

You can sign up for a range of removalist services when you move home. Most removalists can do more than simply move your stuff from one property to another. For example, some companies offer valet services. What does this service include and what are the advantages of using it?

What Is a Moving Valet Service?

While many removalists offer packing and unpacking services, some companies also offer a valet service. This service typically includes advanced unpacking when you move into your new home. So, the removalist might unpack some or all of your belongings. They will put them away for you. For example, they might unpack your kitchen boxes and organise everything in the room for you. They might put your books on bookcases and your clothes in the right wardrobes. You tell them where you want things to go, and they do the job for you.

Some valet services also include furniture assembly. So, if you had to dismantle your beds for the move, the removalist will put them together again at the other end. They will then unpack all your bed linen and make your beds for you. Many removalists also include cleaning in a valet service. For example, the company might clean out all your kitchen cupboards for you before they pack away your things. They'll clean bathrooms and kitchens and vacuum or wash all your floors.

What Are the Benefits of Valet Services?

Unpacking your furniture and belongings at the end of a move can take a while. At this stage of the moving process, you might be tired and short of time. It could take you a few days or even weeks to get everything straight. Plus, if the previous people who lived in the property didn't clean it before they left, then you'll have to get things spick and span before you can seriously think about unpacking and putting things away.

If you use a valet service, then you can get most, if not all, of your things put away immediately without having to do any of the work yourself. If you use a service that includes cleaning, then you don't have to find time to clean your new home. Your removalist will do this for you before they organise your furniture and unpack your belongings. Plus, you can also usually arrange for the removalist to take all your packing boxes and materials away with them at the end of the job. You finish your move on your moving day without having to store and dispose of loads of packaging.

To find out more about valet services and other removal services, contact local household removalist companies.