Top Five Factors For Successfully Relocating Office Furniture

A large commercial office relocation brings an extra layer of stress not experienced in a domestic move due to the vast number of items to be shifted. However, your office will obtain a stress-free and efficient relocation by using these five steps of moving office furniture.

Step One — Start Backwards

A successful relocation results in your staff arriving at the new premises and starting work immediately. However, you cannot achieve this result if they cannot locate the items needed to do their job. Therefore, step one is to create a map of the new office which details where each staff member sits. The map enables your commercial removalist team to precisely deliver furniture and other belongings required by your team.

Step Two — Hire Professionals

Moving office requires a team of professionals. It is recommended you use commercial removalists to transport the office equipment so that all items are correctly packed and moved between the office spaces. However, make sure you have electricians at the new office when the electronics arrive so they can cable and hook up all computer gear before your staff returns to work. Additionally, hire a handyman to be onsite to put together desks and other furnishings taken apart for transportation.

Step Three — Do Not Skimp On Packing Supplies

There is a lot of money tied up in office equipment, so it makes sense to protect it during the move. Therefore, do not try to save money on packing supplies by using substandard boxes not designed to contain the weight of your equipment. Instead, speak with your commercial removalist to get information on where best to buy the supplies you need. It may well be that they have the boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and packing paper you need.

Step Four — Empty Everything

Leaving a few stationery items in the desk drawer may seem harmless, but every item potentially becomes a damaging projectile as the office furniture moves. Provide ample boxes to your staff so that every item in desk drawers and filing cabinets is removed and safely stored. Step five ensures belongings return to their rightful owner.

Step Five — Don't Forget To Label

The placement plan helps the removalist deliver each employee's belongings to the right spot, but the other part of the moving puzzle is labeling everything. Boxes, desks, computer equipment, chairs, phones, keyboards, and mice must clearly show the user's name. Clear labels help ensure a fast unload at your new location.

These five steps are the ideal starting point for any commercial office move.