Moving to Queensland: 4 Things You Might Not Have Considered

There's a lot of planning to do when you've made the decision to move you and your family (and all your possessions) to the sunshine state. Whether you're moving from Vic to Queensland, or from just across the border in NSW, there are a few things about your new state that might come in handy before your possessions are loaded in the back of the interstate removalists' truck. Did you know these things about moving to Queensland? Read More 

Techniques For Painting Preservation While In A Storage Unit

A house only has a limited number of walls available for displaying paintings. When you have run out of space, but don't want to give up buying more pictures, finding a place to store them is on your to-do list. A storage unit is an ideal spot to put art as it is readily accessible without taking up any room at your home. You haven't hired a storage unit before, so you aren't sure how best to go about storing your paintings. Read More 

Keeping Your Collectables Safe during a Move

One of the common complaints people have after a move is damage to their collectables. You may have purchased insurance for your belongings, but family heirlooms and other memorabilia have a sentimental value that is priceless. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that these items are packed appropriately to minimise the risk of damage as much as you can. Start by scheduling a specific day that you will dedicate to packing these unique items so that you can have adequate time to keep them protected. Read More 

Top 3 Success Tips for DIY Furniture Removalists

Large or heavy household furniture items such as dining room tables, living room sofas, beds and lounge chairs are designed to make indoor living comfortable, but they can also give homeowners a headache when it is time to move house. As a DIY mover, you might be wondering about how you can ensure easy and damage-free furniture removal when you are moving house. Here are some handy tips you can follow in that regard. Read More 

4 Top Tips for Labelling Your Moving Boxes

Labelling your moving boxes can involve nothing more complicated than writing 'kitchen' or 'pots and pans', but there are some easy tips that you can follow to make the process of moving and unpacking a whole lot easier, and here are just four. 1. Go Colour-Coded Firstly, you'll want to create a colour-coding scheme. If a group of you are moving to another rented accommodation, you can have a colour for each housemate, or you can colour-code boxes that need to be opened first or that are fragile. Read More